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Your Premium Asian Sparkling Tea (kombucha)


Favouring the Gut

At Mount T-House, we understand that the beverage industry is constantly changing. We have always maintained our standard in promoting excellent health, and we have created a raw and pure sparkling tea recipe.


Our Flavor

Chinese Black (Organic)

This is a sparkling tea that uses the most original tea leaves for fermentation, and the original flavor from Yunnan, China is nutty and fruity. In terms of fermentation, it brings in the most optimum probiotics level.

Darjeeling Tea
(Second Flush / Organic)

Organic Darjeeling Sparkling Tea uses tea leaves from India, and this is suitable for those who enjoy different kind of Kombucha which is refreshing, for summer experience. It is always fruity and floral, having lighter taste than black tea.

Pu-erh (Organic)

Ripe Organic Pu-er black tea leaves allows sparkling tea to ferment in authentic in Chinese flavor. This Chinese tea flavor creates kombucha that is earthy along with a trace of bitterness. For those who enjoy bubbly tea, this is a great option for balancing diet.

Better Tea for a Better Life

With our handcrafted product, we guarantee you’ll be satisfied after drinking. Our product is refreshing, original and tart, hope you enjoy our craft.

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