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如果您對 Mount T-House 康普茶有任何疑問,這裡是您可以找到的地方。

  • How long can you refrigerate our Kombucha?
    The best way is to refrigerate Mount T-House kombucha, and it would ideally take 6 months from bottling in order to keep the kombucha tasty and health beneficial. Since fermentation still happen within the time span after bottling, it's best to consume as early as possible after purchase for the best taste.
  • How to return Mount T-House bottles?
    We collect our product on site at 204C, Lai Cheong Factory Building, 479 Castle Peak Road, Lai Chi Kok, Kowloon, Hong Kong. As well, find our distributor to return the bottle. We recycle and reuse the bottles to save the environment.
  • What is Kombucha?
    Kombucha is fermented tea with lots of probiotics which can help digestion and gut health.
  • What are the health benefit of Mount T-House Kombucha?
    Mount T-House Kombucha is a great fermented tea with lots of probiotics and antioxidant. Since black tea ferments better, we only find Asian tea ingredient for fermenation. As well, the drink is full of vitamin B and vitamin C, and we are confident in our product health quality and immunity protection. Without preservatives, our product only embraces the most natural, organic and vegan idea.
  • What are the taste of Mount T-House Kombucha?
    Our Kombucha produces a richer tea taste with lots of natural fizzling, sweet and tart flavor.
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